"The Kickemuit River cannot speak for itself.
It needs loud voices from those who know it, love it,
and want to save it."

        ...The Providence Journal l969

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The 2013 Grant Project is complete!

The installation of fish ladder makes the Kickemuit River whole again!

Please see the brochure along with the educational video via YouTube titled, "Educational Video on the Kickemuit River Fish Ladder, Warren, Rhode Island". Don't forget after you watch the YouTube video to share it with friends, family, and colleagues and be sure to "Like it"!


DVD copies and printed brochures have been made for distribution to Warren and Bristol schools and libraries.

If you are interested please contact the KRC.

Linda Brunini
KRC Special Projects Coordinator
PO Box 590
Warren, RI 02885

Click on the video below to watch.

Click on the brochure below to see.

Ever wonder how the KRC got started. Please read our new Pre-History page.

Information on fresh water Kickemuit.

People & fish need clean water. Read about all the Kickemuit River Council's Accomplishments in 2007-2008.

The Kickemuit River Council awarded the "2007 Conservation Project of the Year Award" for the successful completion of the Kickemuit Fish Ladder.

The Kickemuit River Council is an all volunteer and 501C3 organization, founded in l973 and incorporated in the State of Rhode Island and is a member of the Rhode Island Rivers' Council. The Kickemuit River Council (KRC) was formed when the organzations around the Kickemuit River, which flows through the Towns of Warren and Bristol, realized a representative organization was needed so the problems of each area could be brought to the Council, a course of action could be decided on, and the information on the problem could be brought back to the people of an area.

"The Kickemuit River cannot speak for itself. It needs loud voice from those who know it, love it, and want to save it." (P.J. Editorial, l969) The Kickemuit River Council has tried to be one of those voices. As our original bylaws states in our purpose: "to leave a legacy of lasting beauty for our children and our children's children."