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Friday, August 16, 2002 2:06 PM
Public hearing 2-27 Brayton Point Letter to the Editor

If you quahog, swim, fish, blue crab, lobster, own property, or breathe in the East Bay, Brayton Point Power Plant is poorly affecting you! If you care about any of this, you should come to the 8-27-02 public hearing at Mount Hope High School Auditorium on Chestnut Street, Bristol, Rhode Island at 7:00 p.m. I attended the 8-6-02 informational meeting the Times, Phoenix, and P.J. wrote about it. I was horrified and astounded by the facts! Representative Gallison, Environmental Protection Agency, Save the Bay, the Law Conservation of America were all there to help you--but, you are needed to empower them. They will say no one cares. ALSO, E-mail, FAX, or write to Damien Houlihan, US Environmental Protection Agency, Suite 1100 (CNH), 1 Congress St., Boston, Ma. 02114 email: houlihan.damien@epa.gov fax: (617) 918-1505 This needs to be done (postmarked) by 9-4-02. Parents, veterans, children, teenagers, workers, property owners, citizens, grandparents, quahoggers, fisherman, lobstermen,blue crabbers, swimmers, etc. should speak up. This plant has been making money on your health, your property values, your rivers, harbors, and bay, and air! The Clean Water Act whose 30th anniversary is this year, mandates that Brayton Power Plant (New England Power) ONLY discharge .8 trillion BTU's a year, Environmental Protection Agency wants them to discharge 1.8 trillion BTU's a year. They now discharge 42 trillion BTU's of waste heat a year to Mount. Hope Bay!! This heat plume contains chemicals like Spectrus CT 1300 ( Brayton wants to change to a new biocide with no data on crabs and lobsters either!) This Spectrus is meant to kill crustaceans (5 times a year)! I asked what the data was on Spectrus' effect on blue crabs, horseshoe crabs, lobsters, etc. They didn't have that! Anyone who crabs can tell you. It couldn't be good for lobsters either! What is this disease of the lobsters' shells? Brayton destroys trillions of organisms every year. (251 million winter founder larvae, 3.5 billion tautaog eggs, and 375 million windowpane eggs). The bass stay because of heat and get sick when there is no food in the winter! It also entrains and impinges fish! The chart shows the precipitous drop in fish as more parts of the plant came on line! It even kills the eel grass! Let the Environmental Protection Agency make Brayton Point Power Plant stick to the Clean Water provisions and, clean the air coming out of smokestacks! The thermal effects include the interruption of normal fish migration, algae bloom, over-wintering of comb jellies, and low dissolved oxygen levels! Is it healthy for you to swim? There is no data.
Representative Galllison said that we don't need this and the poor effects on the air we breathe - so investors can make money! Please come to the meeting, speak up, sign the petition And mail, email or fax the Environmental Protection Agency that you support the Environmental Protection Agency and would like the even more of the Clean Water Act followed. Save the Bay, the Audubon Society, and especially The Environmental Protection Agency, your government agency, is taking a stand for you and your place in the sun, They are willing to go on the defensive for you. They need your consent and support. They are willing to defend your environment against profit-making predators. Environmental Protection Agency needs and deserves your support and consent. Come August 27th!

Ann Morrill, 2nd Vice-president KRC
Volunteer Kickemuit River Project Coordinator