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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the artist with the intials "LS" that designed the KRC, Kickemuit River logo?

The logo etching
The artist name is Lynn Sevigny, she was born and raised in Warren and lives in E. Providence now. Lynn is extremely talented and works at International Etching and Two Hands. International Etching, Inc. 7 Ninigret Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island USA 02907, phone: 401 781-6800



How many days do I have to wait to go shellfishing and why?

quahog in hand
After it has rained you must wait a couple of days before you go shellfishing due to inflow via a small opening appropriately called, "The Narrows" from the Mount Hope Bay. We are not a body of water that is open-facing the Ocean and this is always a factor among inland bodies of water. Some water flows back into the River from the Bay when the tide changes. After a rain storm the Fall River Sewerage Treatment Plant contaminates the Mount Hope Bay against shellfishing due to sewerage overflow and run off. Within a couple of days test results have shown this possible hazzard not to be a threat and the water to be clean for shellfishing. The DEM (Department of Environmental Management) telephone number to call is (401)222-2900 to ascertain if you can shellfish. For more information go to the link Tides and Shellfishing on this site.

I want to go boating. When is the best time to go?

boatingAlong with the public Right of Ways there are your local neighborhood associations to access the River. The most popular and convenient way is to join your local association and use their ammentities. The best time to go is when it is close to high tide because the waterline is closer, the water is deeper and the water's edge more sturdy. For a daily tide chart go to http://ri.usharbors.com/rhode-island-tide-charts located off this site.


What is going on with Brayton Point?

powerplantThe Clean Water Act mandates that Brayton Power Plant only discharge 0.8 trillion BTU's a year, Environmental Protection Agency wants them to discharge 1.8 trillion BTU's a year. They now discharge 42 trillion BTU's of waste heat a year to Mount. Hope Bay. Brayton alone destroys trillions of organisms every year. (251 million winter founder larvae, 3.5 billion tautaog eggs, and 375 million windowpane eggs). For more on this go to Brayton Point news link on this website.