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To the Science Staff at the Barrington Middle School
Middle Highway, Barrington, R.I. 02806

The Kickemuit River Council highly recommends the educational unit developed by the Audubon Society to develop and appreciation and awareness of rivers in Rhode Island.

This Audubon unit comes complete with all materials needed for the investigations. It has teams. We have included a partial part; so that you may look at it. It is free and needs to be returned. A list of possible field trips is included. The Audubon Society is a welcome and valuable friend in the East Bay. KRC was hoping you might look it over. We are sure Eugenia Marks would be willing to explain it and show it to you. It does not require in-field investigations. The education of our youngsters is crucial for the future of our rivers - particularly the Runnins River, Barrington River, Palmer River; and Hundred Acre Cove.

This educational unit may be expanded for the rivers in Barrington, however, that would require you own development after you became comfortable with it. It does not require outside investigations. It is complete.

KRC wants you all to know that teaching already has reaped benefits for East Bay. We sat outside Stop and Shop in Bristol collecting signatures to send to the EPA for the enforcement of the Clean Water Act at the Brayton Point Power Station, and you would be so proud of the many young people who convinced their parents to sign and wanted to sign themselves because they had learned about it in school - your school. We collected 647 signatures. Young people from the Kickemuit Middle School took around the petition for other citizens to sign - and they ably explained the problem. They learned about the problem in school.
As it says on the John Chafee statue in Colt State Park - we do this for our children and children's children. To protect our rivers; to appreciate our rivers; to cherish our rivers; and to be voters and citizens who appreciate the complexity of the problem and the necessity to vote to protect them - education is the answer. These are the future citizens who will sit on Town Councils, on Planning Boards, on Zoning Boards, on Conservation Commissions, on Land Trust, on Open Space Committees, and on Water Boards - as well as voters to decide issues. Barrington is a town of rivers. (I used to swim in Hundred Acre Cove when I lived in Barrington on Martin Street.) We hope you will consider this unit on rivers. These young people are the future of our rivers.

As has been said before, "The Kickemuit River cannot speak for itself. It needs loud voices from those who know it, love it, and want to save it." (P.J. l969) Your education can be a voice for the rivers in Barrington. We hope you can talk to Eugenia Marks of the Audubon Society. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Ann Morrill, Vice-President, Kickemuit River Project Volunteer Coordinator