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Action Plan of the Kickemuit River Council for 2004
  1. Finish the "Blue Tab" sewer tie-in project.
  2. Work on the Blue Crab restoration project'. Investigate educational possibilities.
  3. Investigate the purchase of a fecal monitoring device to use in the Kickemuit River for the use of volunteers and neighborhood, and associations, and to be helpful in the fresh water Kickemuit River also.
  4. Investigate natural solutions to the algae problem in the freshwater Kickemuit.
  5. Fulfill our obligations on the Libby Lane and Raccoon Gate grant award.
  6. Work on having stream near the Housing for the Elderly on Libby Lane cleaned and improved for water quality.
  7. Help with a 2004 Cleanup. Investigate litter control.
  8. Write a grant for a sign at the entrance of the Kickemuit giving pumpout boat information, regulations in the river, and harbormaster information.
  9. Continue to participate in the Rhode Island Rivers' Council meetings and conferences.
  10. Write a grant and work with the Sewer Commission on education of homeowners on proper care of septic systems.
  11. Attend Habitat Restoration Conference at the Audubon Society.
  12. Analyze Department of Environmental Management's Storm Drain Survey. Try to effect changes in Bristol and pipe on westerly side of Rt. l03 in Warren.
  13. Analyze rights of way and see if needed improved. Work for improvement. Study an overlook possibility.
  14. Continue recruitment of new members, particularly in freshwater Kickemuit.
  15. Continue to fight invasive plants.
  16. Finish Watershed Plan work with Justine Calcina and the Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District.
  17. Oppose the oversize dock at Sherman Avenue and Everett Avenue that poorly affects the public right of way, the citizens' use and enjoyment of the river.
  18. Continue to work on educating the children on the protection and care needed in the waters of the Kickemuit River and all the waters of Warren and Bristol.
  19. Continue vigilance about the river and bring information to the public on the issues that affect the Kickemuit River.
  20. Continue to oppose the establishment of a commercial dock and dredging in the Kickemuit River.
  21. Work on Swansea correcting the storm drain from Smoke Rise Heights Housing Development. Ask Environmental Protection Agency for help.
  22. Kickemuit River Council is concerned that the proliferation of docks with arsenic impregnated piles is poorly affecting the sediment in the Kickemuit River and we ask the Coastal Resource Management Council to stop granting docks to all who ask.
  23. Continue work on the web site for the Kickemuit River. Instruction may be needed.
  24. Complete the filing and organization necessary for the Kickemuit River Council's office! Hooray!