“Only when the last tree has died...
And the last river has been poisoned...
And the last fish has been caught...
Will we realize that we cannot eat money.”

        ...quoted by: A nineteenth century Cree Indian.
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"On Sept., 18, 1973, a committee of people with representatives from Butterworth Ave. Assoc., Cedar Crest Association, Touisset Highlands, and Laurel Park Improvement Association met with the purpose of setting up a council that would afford the opportunity o of understanding through awareness, the problems of the whole river and of planning together for the future plans of the Kickemuit River."
The charter members of the organization of the KRC are as follows: William Gablinski, Steven Roth. Frank Sherman, LeRoy Boissoneault, Edward Pelligrini; Manuel Camille, Charles Jocelyn. Rene Beauvais; Henry Keefe; Patricia McGuirl; Dorothy Mathewson, James Mathewson, Anthony Balzano. Kenneth Morrill, Ann Morrill, David Harrison; Jane Harrison.
The name of the new organization was voted to be the Kickemuit River Council.
The officers were elected and are as follows:
Frank Sherman, President (Cedar Crest)
Manuel Camile, Vicepresident (Butterworth Ave.Improvement Association)
James Mathewson, Treasurer (Touisset Highlands)
Ann Morrill, Secretary (Laurel Park Improvent Association)
A bylaws committee was formed consisting of all of the charter members. The date for them to meet was Sept. 27, l973.

The 2010 Neighborhood Representatives are:

Touisset Point Community Representatives:
Betty Hallberg
Sally-Ann Johnson

Touisset Highlands Representatives:
Jane Harrison
Donna Zagorski

Parker Avenue / Patterson Avenue Representative:
Hank Coleman--KRC Secretary

Laurel Park Improvement Association Representatives:
website: www.laurelparkimprovement.net
Duncan A. MacDougall, LPIA President
Janis Urban, LPIA Vice-President
Joyce Torneo, LPIA Corresponding Secretary
Pam Elliason, LPIA Treasurer
David Urban, LPIA Property Chair
Robin Hagan Aguiar, LPIA Membership Chair

Harris Avenue Representative:
Tina Vecoli

Butterworth Avenue Improvement Association Representatives:
Steven Roth, KRC President
Rene Beauvais

Cedar Crest (Sherman Ave.) Neighborhood Representative:
Janet Stephenson

Swift Point's Neighborhood Representative:
George Ogley, 2nd Vice President

Anchorage Neighborhood Representative:
Joseph Arruda, Treasurer